Kitec Replacement Fittings

Kitec replacement fittings can be used on hot and cold water lines and with the four unique end conversions allow the user to fit up in standard NPT male or female, along with hose barb and PEX conversion ends.

Female NPT Fitting - Kitec replacement fittings

Female NPT Fitting

Male NPT Fitting - Kitec replacement fittings

Male NPT Fitting

Barb Type Fitting - Kitec replacement fittings

Barb Type Fitting

PEX Type Fitting - Kitec replacement fittings

PEX Type Fitting

Veratek Self-Crimp Fittings are produced in four separate end conversion possibilities to help in your Kitec repair.

With these choices it allows the possibilities and opportunities to convert to a multitude of plumbing products or application change with seal-tight confidence. The fitting design, and wall thickness has taken into account flow restrictions, and in most applications the flow is greater than the originally installed products.

Kitec transition fittings are also available in four pipe sizes of 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, and 1″.


Fitting corrosion is a concern when joining dissimilar metals together. The Veratek fittings are made from aluminum to be compatible with the aluminum sheath inside the Kitec pipe. Joining Pex pipe or hose pipe to a Veratek fitting is totally acceptable. If you require a Veratek fitting to have a male or female pipe thread on the end, it should never be joined with fittings made from materials such as brass, Stainless Steel or galvanized metal. If these are used galvanic corrosion will occur. Common acceptable fittings for the Veratek pipe thread ends would be (CPVC = Chlorinated Polyvinylchloride) (PE = Polyethylene) (Nylon)

• Always use a non-petroleum based lubricant when installing a Veratek Fitting to ensure the O-rings do not roll when inserting the fitting into the pipe. Plumbers grease or petroleum based lubricates can harm the O-ring.

• Ensure the inside surface of the Kitec pipe has not been damaged or gouged when the old fitting was removed. Veratek Self-Crimp Fittings seal by O-ring contact on damage free surfaces so cutting the pipe back may be required to achieve this.

Typical Kitec Piping was used in the floor heating industry, and with this Kitec replacement fitting it allows the smooth transition into aluminum couplers to attach to manifolds and wall mounted radiators. With the glycol/water solutions used in these systems the aluminum fittings resist corrosion and work to transfer the heat through uniformly. Many uses of Kitec pipe exist, from underground sprinkler systems, home water lines, to ground source cooling coils, but whatever your use or application was, Veratek has a conversion fitting.


Veratek ships to Canada and the USA.